Jason Fisher

Jason Fisher


Jason is the owner operator of the Indie Alehouse brewery and brewpub in the west end of Toronto.

Jason first got into homebrewing at age 16, for a Gr. 10 science project cleverly titled “the life cycle of yeast” as a cover for brewing beer. That first batch produced 12 bottles of drinkable beer from 50, and a short time later an unused lab in the school’s basement was converted into a “yeast work room” until a few months later where there was an “incident”.

Homebrewing became a hobby for a long while, but with no real prospects of opening a brewery. Jason chose to pursue a diverse education in Geology, Chemistry, Physics and Business before attending brewing school.

As an executive in marketing and business analytics for fortune 100 companies, Jason spent any free time building data models and business plans on how a small brewery could be built and work on a small budget in the archaic laws of Ontario. With frequent work travel to the US, Jason was heavily influenced by the new small breweries popping up all over the US, and counts many of them as strong influences for the Indie Alehouse.

When an opportunity came in 2008 from a company buy-out of equity shares in a tech startup, the Indie Alehouse project was born. Just four incredibly painful years later, and several fights with city hall, the Indie Alehouse opened its doors with a strong brand plan, viewpoint and 25 years of homebrew recipes.

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SESSION 4 – The Marketing Balancing Act

2:30pm - 3:30pm
Upstairs Theatre 201/202