Pierre-Paul Carpentier

Pierre-Paul Carpentier


Pierre-Paul Carpentier has a background in electrical engineering and a passion for all kinds of fermentation including food and different types of beverages.

He started his journey in the beer world as an all-grain homebrewer and became co-founder of the brewery “À la Fût, co-op de travail brassicole” in 2005 in a small cowboy town named St-Tite.

At first, Pierre-Paul was in charge of the development of all the home draft beer dispensing equipment. After that, he began to oversee more of the packaging systems and began to get more involved with barrels and barrel-aging.

After a trip to some of the oldest Belgian breweries, he now considers the barrels and time as new ingredients applied to the beer. He is in charge of the barrel-aging program at the brewery with more than 250 babies and a growing family with all kinds of experimentations. A new brewery is in construction and should be running by the end of the year.

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SESSION 5 – Barrel-Aging

10:30am - 11:30am
Room 106 E & D